"JuLab" schools laboratory

forschung klein und groß wissenschaftler labor schüler lehrer

Youth lab “JuLab” at the Jülich Research Centre

The youth laboratory “JuLab” at the Jülich Research Centre uses future-oriented topics to show school children that research is an exciting field, firmly rooted in real life.

As early as 2005, the former Degussa Foundation began funding a laboratory in the JuLab. The Evonik Foundation has of course continued this successful cooperation with the Jülich Research Centre.

Thanks to our support, the JuLab offers a seminar on the subject of fermentation for secondary school pupils. Under the heading “Classic and modern aspects of biotechnology”, they work relatively independently to prepare, conduct and evaluate simple microbiological experiments. Lab practice is taught illustratively, and theoretical basics are complemented by hands-on work.

With these activities, the Evonik Foundation enables young people to explore the sciences in a professional, authentic and exciting environment.

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