Football meets culture

Sports and education in cooperation with Litcam

The Evonik Foundation is convinced that social events and educational offers can be combined to offer young people a positive start in life. Soccer is a team sport that promotes team spirit and social skills.

The “Football meets culture” project subsidized by the Evonik Foundation builds on this principle and combines the sport with additional offers that provide further access to educational resources to children from socially disadvantaged families. To even the playing field, that also includes support with learning German. The offer is rounded off by opportunities for cultural experiences such as visiting museums and theater performances. The shared soccer training and a big tournament with all participating schools form the framework for the project. Young professional soccer players act as mentors and role models for the children. Dominik Behr of MSV Duisburg is particularly engaged in the program.

“Football meets culture” stands for the promising idea to improve the educational level and teamwork skills of young people with a playful approach.