Jewish Museum Berlin

Jewish Museum Berlin

The fascinating museum, designed by the American architect Daniel Libeskind, enriches the culture of Germany with a display on 2,000 years of German-Jewish history. The Jewish Museum in Berlin is the largest museum on Judaism in Europe. Some eight million people visit this special place, which makes highlights and low points of Jewish life in Germany both visible and tangible.

A number of travelling exhibitions are on display in addition to the permanent collection. The museum’s own education center allows for the scientific discussion of Judaism and Jewish life in Germany.

The W. Michael Blumenthal Fund was set up to support this unique meeting center. Its capital benefits the “Foundation for the Academy of the Jewish Museum Berlin” and, among other projects, is setting up the “Jewish-Islamic forum” as part of the institution.

The Evonik Foundation provides financial support for the W. Michael Blumenthal Fund to contribute to multicultural education

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