Professor Proto’s Fantastic Institute

A virtual laboratory for young scientists

The Evonik Foundation and its virtual laboratory have developed a learning website, where Professor Proto keeps a steadily growing fan community excited about chemical questions. How do potatoes turn into glue? And how exactly is invisible ink made? Curious junior scientists can watch the lovable Professor Proto at work in his Fantastic Institute.

At the openly accessible platform, elementary students can explore the history of chemistry based on practical examples: how does baking powder work, and how was porcelain discovered? Proto also offers his little visitors a number of fascinating experiments to download and try at home. Professor Proto’s videos, PDF downloads, and interactive time machine invite visitors to discover the world of chemistry in tangible ways.

Professor Proto is also present on Facebook. The page addresses parents of children who are interested in chemistry. It features articles on exciting chemical phenomena twice a week, offers a monthly quiz and much more. As a modern scientist, the Professor of course also maintains a YouTube channel.

The project is based on an idea originally developed with scholarship recipients of the Evonik Foundation. Future plans call for expanding the website into a continuously growing learning platform.

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