Welcome to the Evonik foundation!

Science and education are vital in order to shape the future of our society in an innovative manner. The Evonik Foundation has believed in this idea since it was founded and sponsors projects in these areas. We have also implemented several of our own projects.

In September 2015, the purpose of the Evonik Foundation was extended through a change in its statutes so that it can become involved in other social areas. Apart from science and education, we now also sponsor projects in the cultural sphere and in the areas of church activities, social issues and sports.

The work of the Evonik Foundation is based on the ideas of supporting the development of a constantly changing society and helping people prepare for a promising future. People are always our focus. If you want new answers, you have to ask new questions.
This curiosity is the best initiator of making new discoveries.

People foster the future – we foster people.

Main projects

The Evonik Foundation is committed to projects in a variety of fields from education, through sport, to culture. It focuses particularly on social projects such as involvement in refugee aid and the support of young scientists.

For this reason the Evonik Foundation and Ruhr-Universität Bochum are jointly establishing scholarships for young refugees to allow them to have an academic education. Other leading projects include the Foundation’s own Evonik Scholarship, the Werner-Schwarze Scholarship, and a commitment as one of the largest sponsors of the Deutschlandstipendium.

Professor Proto’s Fantastic Institute

Professor Proto guides big and little chemistry fans through the fantastic world of chemistry, offering exciting experiments, videos, an interactive journey through the history of chemistry and much more. Using playful and interactive methods, he explains phenomena, principles and interesting facts associated with chemical science. Fans can also follow the Professor’s Institute on Facebook and Youtube.

Professor Proto Youtube
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